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Shoot! Dave this page explain very clearly, the common sense, the practical sense, the logical sense in aspects to started to work on part or full time, for the long run and realistic the mean to have a vehicle, plus schooling, tutoring mentoring by example, how the WA network is performing illustration step by step process to succeed in online websites, not just one website, but a choice of 30 websites in a niche, which what we’re passions or gift remain ideal to an extension of our dreams made a reality.

Plus, to all these benefits come the edge in indexing, building on another site to benefit our own website, from knowing nothing about building a website to educated entrepreneur sharing their expertise in form of training while getting credit both ways. It is a win-win scenario, where motivation is the chime in tune…

Not to forget to mention to extreme High cost to start a business or get an education in computer science. I was offered a six-month course in web design and code, for a ridiculous cost to the same of $10,000. Too, put me deeper into debt… plus, not guaranteed to pass or absorbing the science of code in a mere 6 months…

Well thought out page bro. Good job! I’d like to see video


I am still digging in the trenches

Why? Am I doing this, when I have the power to use my head? Writing what I’m passionate about, photography, love, friendship, family, the ability to produce fine finish remodeling shills, leadership skills by example. I’m very proud to give someone a new bathroom/ kitchen. And make Great money from my fruits? But I’m not!!

Turning my head around and catching up with the times

If our kids are doing it, in this sophisticated generation where is so internet interactive interaction (the three I’s) click click click…

Why Not? Try something new

Wealthy Affiliate has done everything it has said WA would and exceeded my expectations. It does cost but pennies to the dollar and they want you to too Too Succeed… the tools are here, the training is here, the support is here, and all genuinely liable decent people and mentors…

I would like to too To see anyone succeed! Including me, and this is a start I get to share my passions and skills as a craftsman in my Niche… All I need to do is write, about me, about my talents and learn to produce a helpful website. Discover, like I have the opportunity at my fingertips. Ingenious innovation Resources is a what I call it. Equal Opportunity

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